Well the bid has come in for the roof replacement!


We contacted a roofing company in our local area.  The estimate to replace the roof is $36,815.00  The reason the cost is so high is because it is a 5000' sqft warehouse.  If you remember in a previous post, we have asked Git-R-Done foundation to help with the purchase of the building which included the replacement cost of the roof.  We are asking those of you who pray to ask God to touch their hearts and help us with this.

We realize that it is in God's hands and that if He chooses to bless us in this way or a different way, we are confident that He will provide.  He has provided for us all along the way and will continue to do so.  Only He can open doors and close them. We know that when He closes a door He always opens another one. 

If you feel lead of God to help us in this endeavor, please go to our donations page and make a donation.  All donations are tax deductible and 100% of them go to this ministry.  We do not get paid for what we do, we provide our own means of support. Even if it is just $1 every little bit adds up. So pray and ask, if you feel lead to do so then by all means please help this ministry.

By helping us get this roof replaced and the building paid for, it will free up money for the cabins to be build on the property to house those we help.  As always your welcome to come by and see our progress. All we ask is that you call ahead so we can make sure someone is here to open to doors, and show you around. There are days we have to go out of town to earn money to pay for our bills.

We hope you will consider helping us as we help our abandoned and abused women and children, and of course our homeless veterans.

Wish Family Foundation proposal

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