WISH saves elderly couple from losing their home.


We recently had the opportunity to reach out to an elderly couple who were about to lose their home to the city.  They were in their 80's and have lived in their home for over 50 years.  The elderly man is a tinker who fixes things like small engines, lawn mowers, motorcycles, and many other things. The yard looked like a junk yard because of all the work he did.  After 50 years the city decided they wanted them to clean it up. Problem was they only had two weeks to do it or face $1000 a day fines and the loss of their property. This elderly man's wife had a broken hip and was in the nursing home. His grandson had a broken leg and was unable to help clean things up, which left this elderly man to take on this task by himself.

When WISH Family Foundation found out about this they sprung into action.  First by contacting city hall to get an extension. Second, by getting a crew of people to help clean the yard up. Third by providing the material to put up a sheet metal fence to store all his projects and keeping them out of the view of the public.

It was a huge undertaking but we were able to meet the deadline and clean up his property and erect the fence. This is just one of the many type of projects we do to help people in need.  We also provided meals and laundry services until they were able to take care of things themselves. Below are a few pictures of the work and what it looks like now. If you would like to get involved in our ministry please contact us at wishfamilyfoundation@gmail.com we always need volunteers. You can make a difference.



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