Privacy Fencing Going Up!!

DSC00884DSC00881I know why they call Little Rock the capital of Arkansas, it’s because all the big rocks are buried on our property!! We spent most of the day breaking rocks up to plant fence posts. For those of you who are unaware of where we are located, you can find us in Harrison, Arkansas located about 40 minutes south of Branson, Missouri. We picked this area in the Ozark Mountains because it is the perfect place for us to reach our region and do the most good.


We took advantage of the nice weather and started putting up a section of our privacy fence. This section of fence is going to be where we keep our chickens for the fresh eggs we need. We also will be having a goat for goats milk, and we have rabbits. Animals can be very therapeutic especially forĀ theĀ children we minister to.

DSC00878DSC01032The left picture shows the side of our warehouse which we are enclosing. The fence to the right is our property line. The right picture shows the front of the warehouse which can be seen from the highway which runs in front of our property. We are hoping to get the front of the building painted and our sign put up on the building before winter sets in.


We will keep you posted with our progress as things unfold. We have a lot going on this month. We will be running a 200 Amp breaker box in the back of the warehouse where our common area is being built. We will post pictures as we start work in this area real soon.

DSC01033This picture shows storage units which are on the property but we do not own yet. Once the money is raised to purchase the property, the storage units will be ours to use or rent. We also have the makings for 5 more large storage units that will come with them as well. So as you can see our biggest hurdle before us is the purchase of the property. This is where you can help. We are asking for donations to go towards the purchase of the property. While my wife and I give all we have to make this ministry work, we cannot realize the fullest potential of the property until it is paid for. For now we are leasing the property with the option to buy. Please help us make this ministry a reality by making a donation on our donations page and share us with your friends on your favorite social media. By working together we can help those who need it most.



Will you help us make a difference?


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