WISH is on the move!

After having to shut down our ministry to regroup due to a lack of finances, we are happy to report that we are in the process of getting back up and running. We visited my old stomping grounds to find some suitable property in Harrison Arkansas because it was just to expensive in Florida. In June of 2014 we found a piece of property which met our needs. We are now leasing a 5000 Sqft warehouse with property in the back to build cabins, and 10 storage units with the makings to make 8 more. We are in the process of purchasing this property for only $150,000.00. As soon as we can gather the 20% needed for the down payment.  We are also seeking out donations to purchase the property out right so we can begin construction on the cabins which will go in the back of the property.


In the mean time let me tell you how God was able to open doors and get us from Florida to Arkansas at no cost!! That's right, we moved 5 tractor trailer loads of resale items which funds our ministry absolutely free. Once we knew that God wanted us to have this property, my wife Danielle (who is also the founder and president of WISH) contacted CSX railroad and asked them if there was any way they could help us with our move. Their response was incredible and could only have happened because God put us together to make it happen. The offered to move us for free. All we had to do was palletize our items, and load them in their tractor trailers.  From there, they took them to their rail yard and loaded them up on a train and delivered them to Memphis TN. When we  were ready for them to deliver them, they hooked the trailers to their truck and delivered them right to our warehouse.  We are eternally grateful for their assistance especially Sherita Jacobs who coordinated our move through CSX.


The move was not easy as our man power was mostly myself and my wife. We had a few volunteers along the way but it was hard work. We started packing in October of 2014.  The last truck was packed in March of 2015 and we were off to Arkansas. We started unloading right away, but 5 tractor trailer loads put into a 5000 sqft warehouse is quite a task. The last truck was unloaded in June 2015.

Our move started with palletizing 26 pallets per truckload in Florida. They had to be shrink wrapped in order to survive the trip. Once we had palletized our loads, we had to stage them so when the truck arrived we could load them as quickly as possible. Our neighbors in the area were kind enough to loan us a forklift and a driver to load the trucks. It took any where from 4-6 weeks to palletize and stage the loads and about 3 hours to load the trucks. We had several volunteers come out and help us load. A special thank you for Paul Combee and Danielle's son Blake Trent for helping us not only load but disassemble the second floor of our warehouse so we could used it in Arkansas.

The pictures your looking at now are from start to finish. A special thank you once again to CSX railroad, Danny Haul for the use of a bobcat to unload, Dale and Diane Preston and their nephew Preston. Jason Canady, Doyle, and Marvin Smith who went on to be with the Lord just a few months after our trucks were unloaded, and the numerous others that chipped in.

If you would like to have a part in in non-profit ministry just contact us on our contact page or you can donate to us on our donations pages.


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