Chain Link Fence Donation

We are very thankful for Kelly Walker donating a chain link fence. We intend to use the fence for housing chickens. The chickens are for eggs as well as therapy for the children we will be ministering to. Sometime this spring we will put the fence up, and installing a chicken coop.

My wife Danielle was able to find this fence donation online. The only catch was we had to go and get it. One would think picking it up would not be a problem since we had a truck and trailer. The problem was we had to dig up the posts that were planted in concrete. To top it all off, we had to go and get it on a day in which it was below freezing. While it did snow off and on, it was a very wet and a very cold day. The whole process took 4 hours of non-stop work. Once we were able to take the fence down and dig up all the posts, we loaded them onto the trailer. The weight was a little bit much for the trailer, but we manage to get it home none the less.

So here are a few pictures of Danielle and I taking down the fence and digging up the posts. While you enjoy looking at us freezing our hind ends off, please do not forget to go to our donation page and make a donation. No amount is to small and 100% of your donation goes to helping our abandoned and abused women with children and our homeless vets.

Please check back from time to time as we try to update this web site as projects are started and completed.


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