We bought the property, put on a new roof, finished the bedroom, and are almost done with the library.

There Is a great deal to report. We have had a busy Spring and Summer so far. First we finished the bedroom we were working on last Winter.

DSC01470DSC01469Needless to say we were very happy to get this done. Now that we have our bedroom we can start work on our library. Also known as our Home School Corner. The first thing we needed to do was empty to room. This was no small task as we were using it for storage. Since we just purchased the property we were able to access the 10 storage units that came with the property. This was a huge blessing as it frees up the space we need to get things done.


The room needed to have the ceiling painted, as well as the walls. The floor created a unique problem as it would allow moisture through the concrete. This would allow mold and the books would not fair well. So we had to put some concrete moisture sealer on the floor to prevent this from happening. You can see the progression made by these pictures posted here.


Now that the room is done, all we need to do is add the trim and move the book cases in. Of course this is no small task as all the books will need to be sorted as they are unpacked. Now that the room is ready for the books, we can also focus on getting our common area done. For those of you who are not familiar with our common area project allow me to briefly explain. The common area will be located in the back of the warehouse. It will consist of bathrooms, shower, laundry facilities, kitchen and dining area. It will be connected to our property behind the warehouse where the cottages will be built. The cottages will be one room buildings to house those we help through our outreach. I will upload a new post when we get started on these projects.

With all the space that we are freeing up it will not be long before we can get the Resale portion of the building open. This is located in the front of the warehouse near the Highway. The money that will come as a result of the Resale shop (A.K.A. Family Values Resale) will help pay the way for the up coming projects that we need to finish before the end of the year. As always we are in need of donations as it cost money to fund these projects and our resale portion will only pay for so much once it is open.

Since the new roof is on we can work these and many other projects. Prior to this we could not start due to a leaky roof. We will keep you posted as things progress. In the mean time, if you feel like making a donation, just go to our donation page. If you would like to specify which project your donation will fund please contact us and let us know. All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3). May God richly bless you as you give. Please share our website on your social media pages. The more people we can get the word out to the better.


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