WISH Family Foundation INC,

Many people ask, what does WISH  stand for? Simply put WISH stands for

Women Inspired to Stay Home.


The purpose of our Non-Profit organization is multifaceted.  Our organization helps abandoned and abused women with children.  At least that is what it was intended to do when it started back in 2004. Since then it has expanded into many areas.  We not only help abandoned and abused women with children, we help others as well, such as veterans and others who are in need. 


The way we help depends on the situation.  In many cases our veterans, and our abandoned and abused women with children are helped in the same way.  As for our veterans, we provide a place to stay, hot meals, showers, laundry facilities, transportation to VA hospitals or clinics, clothing, and shelter. We help them find work or teach them skills in order to get work such as auto mechanics, carpentry, plumbing and computer skills. When they are able to move out on their own we provide household goods, appliances, furniture and more. The same services are provided to our moms and children who are forced to leave home and relocate leaving everything behind. These job skills are not just limited to adults we train children and teens as well.

auto shopkids and lumber

We provide training for women who have been abused and abandoned. We teach them how to survive on their own without having to sacrifice their children to the world. We teach them how to work from home when the children are out of school, and we help them find work during the same hours that their children are in school.  This way, when they are not working, they can be with their kids the entire time they are home. 

mom working from home

This is why we initially called the outreach Women Inspired to Stay Home. Many times children, whose mothers have to work two jobs, are rarely at home. This means leaving them in a day care, or with someone that could be dangerous to be around. It is usually the relatives or ones they know and think they can trust, that end up victimizing the children, leaving mental and physical scars that they carry for a life time. Then there are the kids who are old enough to be home alone, or so the mother thinks. Many times they are known in the community as being alone at home or out on the streets where pedophiles and gangs make easy prey of them. These kids have no one and no where to go. Often times they end up like the father that abandoned or abused them, in trouble with the wrong people or the law.


This is were we come in. We are making an effort to break the cycle. How does one do that? How does one person help break that cycle?  A young boy was at the beach where thousands of star fish had washed up on the shore. He was picking them up one by one and throwing them back into the ocean.  A man walked up and scoffed at him and said "You can't make a difference, there are to many of them to save."  The boy replied as he threw one into the ocean, "It made a difference to that one."  We realize we cannot cure this illness which sweeps across our country like a plague, but we can make a difference to those we can reach.  It all starts with one